React JS Front End Engineer

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Full Time

Software Development

Private Limited


ReactJS Javascript HTML CSS Bootstrap Redux Sass


2+ years of experience working from Engineering to DevOps on projects at scale specialising in ReactJs.

Skills and Experience:

  1. At least 2+ years of experience working on projects at scale across the technology stack from engineering to dev ops
  2. Expert skills in Javascript and related frameworks such as Node, React and at least one other programming language (doesn't matter which one): Java, Python, Scala, Lisp (any dialect), Haskell, Erlang, Go, Smalltalk, or any other
  3. Willingness (or eagerness) to work on different technology platforms and languages
  4. Superb skills in object-oriented and functional programming and design
  5. Strong understanding of design patterns, or an opinion on why they're overrated
  6. A firm grasp of I/O and networking
  7. Good understanding of data structures and algorithms
  8. Good understanding of database basics (relational or non-relational)
  9. Good to have: React Native experience 

You should certainly apply if: 

  1. You enjoy crafting elegant, well-tested solutions, not just delivering working code
  2. The acronyms FP, OO, SOLID, TDD, BDD, XP mean something to you
  3. You have logical and well researched opinions on existing and new technologies, and relish the learnings and challenges of working on different platforms and products
  4. You have experience with or interest in user-centered interaction design
  5. You have an entrepreneurial mindset
  6. You strive for yourself, your team and your organisation to continuously learn and improve.

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  • Team of 1-10 people
  • Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India

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