Front-end Engineer

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India

INR500,000.00 - 1,000,000.00 /annum

Full Time

Software Development

Private Limited


HTML, CSS, Javascript, React JS


As front-end engineer, you’ll be responsible for end-to-end development of products and services that align with business objectives.

Work Culture

  1. Grow your skills, experiment with cutting edge technologies and tools
  2. An environment that encourages creative thinking and limits red tape
  3. Collaborate with fellow engineers, product management, clients and end users
  4. Execute responsibilities effectively and honestly

Skills and Experience

  1. Minimum 5 years of javascript development experience
  2. In-depth understanding of javascript and reactjs
  3. Experience in designing effective data structures and algorithms
  4. Experience in object-oriented and functional programming paradigms
  5. Experience in consuming REST web services.
  6. Experience and understanding of any backend framework would be a plus
  7. Experience with version control and project management tools
  8. Excellent oral and written communication (english + 1 local language)
  9. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  10. Familiarity with any cloud service provider - aws/digital ocean/azure

Signs you would be a good fit

  1. You enjoy crafting elegant, well-tested solutions, not just delivering working code
  2. You have logical and well-researched opinions on existing and new technologies, and relish the learnings and challenges of working on different platforms and products
  3. You have an entrepreneurial mindset
  4. You are a quick learner with proven reasoning skills
  5. You explore beyond your resume

About Eloquent Studio Pvt Ltd

Team of 1-10 people

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Eloquent Studio Pvt. Ltd. at a glance
  • Team of 1-10 people
  • Located in Pune, Maharashtra, India
About Eloquent Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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